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    Spend your weekend building sandcastles

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    sandcastles | Country Post | Country Days | Country Homes and Interiors

    You’d be hard pushed to find a beach in Britain that isn’t decorated with some sort of sand sculpture. From classic overturned buckets to giant castles complete with moats and turrets, building sandcastles is great fun for young and old alike. With the sun set to shine this weekend, why not head to the coast and indulge in this traditional seaside pastime? The National Sandcastle competition is being held this Sunday at Croyde beach, so take to the sands and watch teams battle it out for the chance to win the sought-after title. For those of you with a less competitive nature, have a look at our shortlist of beautiful beaches around the UK – all with the perfect building conditions of course!

    Weymouth, Dorset
    Home to Sandworld, Britain’s one and only sand sculpture festival  (running from April to November this year), the pure sand on this beach sets solid – ideal for building castles to last. Take inspiration from this year’s literary festival theme and check out wonderfully detailed sculptures of favorite characters including Mr Men and Shakespeare.

     Meadfoot, Torquay
    Believe it or not, scientists have discovered that beaches in Torquay have the best sand and water mix for making sandcastles in Britain! They’re all lovely, but we have a soft spot for this one in particular. A mile from the harbour, it’s a beautiful little haven hidden away underneath a row of imposing cliffs.

    Polzeath, Cornwall
    A blue flag beach, it is nice and safe for little ones who want to make their mark in the sand! It’s nice and wide too, allowing you plenty of space to build big. Take a break from digging to take in the beautiful views along the north Cornish coast.


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    Country look: coastal chic

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    We adore this stunning new Coastal collection by Peony & Sage, launched earlier this month…

    Peony-&-Sage - fabrics-on-Country-Homes-and-Interiors-Blog

    Beautiful coastal fabrics, from £43.95m, all Peony & Sage.

    The range ticks all the right boxes for any coastal lover with a Deckchair Stripe, Super Grande Breton stripe, Mini Starfish, Oars and Seagulls! Printed on oatmeal linen, the designs are all great for upholstery and ideal for making seat pads or cushions to update furniture.

    Designer Kimberley Bell drew inspiration from her love of the West Coast of Scotland. ‘I wanted to try out some new, more unusual earthy tones, typically found on the Scottish coastline’ says Kimberley. ‘Storm Blue is a fairly typical colour the sea and sky turns during the Spring and Winter months. Ochre was really depicted from rusty elements and dried seaweed found on the rocky shoreline.’

    I personally love the Seagulls print, which one is your favourite?

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    Country Style Setter: Poppy Treffry

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    Bicycle cushion, £21, boats tea towel, £8.50; both Poppy Treffry.

    We talk to the designers who are defining the latest looks for today’s country homes

    Designer maker Poppy Treffry set up her company in 2004 making quirky gifts and homewares on a ‘cranky Singer sewing machine’. Since then, her business has grown into a happy team of eleven, a shop in St Ives, and around 100 stockists across the world including Fortnum and Mason, Bettys and Anthropologie.

    Tell us a little bit about the making process involved in your designs.

    I treat my sewing machine as a sketchbook really. Rather than spending lots of time drafting ideas, I’ll hoop up some fabric, cut some appliqué pieces and set to. I spend so much time thinking about my collection I find a lot of the planning work gets done in my head. If it’s a whole new product I’m designing then I prefer a trial and error approach – I like to be doing!

    What is it that you love about crafting?

    It’s all about freedom for me ­– and accidental results! We create a lot of our range in small batches which means we can constantly evolve products depending on reaction from customers; we’re not tied to 1,000 products arriving on a ship that we need to sell before we can change our collection!

    What inspires you?

    My inspiration comes from all around me. Our favourite company saying is ‘we stitch what we see’, so I always have a sketch book with me when I’m out and about. A camping trip in my van with the family by the seaside can be the spark behind a new tea towel design, or some free time to sketch in St Ives can become a poster collection or a big one off embroidery piece.

    What’s your favourite thing about the countryside? 

    I grew up in Cornwall on the edge of Bodmin moor so I’ve always been a country girl, proved to me when I lived in London for a short while! I need the space and the open air and I like to walk, to sketch a hedgerow and watch the birds!

    Describe your artistic style in 3 words… 

    Quirky, simple and colourful.

    By Tara King.

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    Country style setter: Sarah Watkins

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    Embroidered linen cushions, £45 each from Salt and Buoy.

    We talk to the designers who are defining the latest looks for today’s country homes
    A prison manager by day, Sarah Watkins initially launched Salt and Buoy as a creative release. Each cushion design is hand-sketched and then translated into embroidery, resulting in two nostalgic collections inspired by Sarah’s love of all things coastal. She lives with her boyfriend and two chinchillas in Kent.

    What seaside memories inspire your designs?
    My ship collection is based upon Christopher Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria. I would sit by the sea when I was little and watch the ships sail by, imagining all the adventures they were having. My promenade collection is inspired by what I see on my Sunday afternoon walks along the coast in Whitstable and Herne Bay.

    What sparked your passion for textiles and sewing?
    After a particularly stressful day at work, I decided to bring my mum’s old mustard sewing machine down from the loft. Not knowing the first thing about sewing machines at the time, there was an awful lot of trial and error! I became hooked on immersing myself into a world filled with beautiful fabrics and happy memories.

    What do your products say about you as a designer?
    I always make sure I love what I do – if a design doesn’t make me feel happy it doesn’t make the cut. I’m all about experimenting with colour and love to have a bit of fun with my ideas. I definitely don’t take myself too seriously!

    Sum up your creative style in three words…
    Colourful, intricate and nostalgic.

    By Tara King.

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    Country buy: scenic home accessories

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    As the summer starts to fade it’s important to keep the sunny spirit alive. We’ve found some home accessories that capture the feel-good vibe of summer staycations and days spent out and about in the country – create evocative memories to brighten your home with these fabulous scenic finds…

    Create a room with a view with our pick of the best scenic buys.

    Create a room with a view using our pick of the best scenic buys.

    1. Great Barfield Essex watercolour cushion, £45, Dawn Critchley Designs at Not on the High Street. 2. Padstow Map heart, £45, Bombus Off The Peg at Not on the High Street. 3. Beach design door knob, £9, Chocolate Creative. 4. Seasalter Caravans oil painted on reclaimed wood, prices from £30, Jill Pantony at Hazelwood Studio. 5. Clifton Balloons Bristol tea towel, £9.50, Emmeline Simpson. 6. Seaside cushion, £35, Indigo and Rose.

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    High days and sundaes!

    by  • 01/08/2012 • Country moment, Country style • 1 Comment

    Now its holiday season its time to pack up and head for the coast and indulge in all the delights of the British seaside, whatever the weather, such as ice cream cones, rock pooling and donkey rides. If you are staying at home over the holidays and thinking of doing a spot of interior design then why not take inspiration from the high days of summer and sorbet shades. A simple lick of paint can transform an old chair and a feature wall painted in a fresh shade will add new life to a room. For more decorating inspiration with sundae and sorbet shades please take a look at our September issue, p56-63.

    Bollo folding table, £15, IKEA. Painted in:  Sadolin, My Garden ,wood stain, Amelia's Sun lounger, £15.98 for 1 litre, Sadolin at B&Q. Chair painted in:  Sadolin My Garden, Wood stain, Mary's Watering Can,£15.98 for 1 litre, B&Q.

    Bollo folding table, £15, IKEA. Painted in: Sadolin, My Garden ,wood stain, Amelia’s Sun lounger, £15.98 for 1 litre, Sadolin at B&Q. Chair painted in: Sadolin My Garden, Wood stain, Mary’s Watering Can,£15.98 for 1 litre, B&Q.

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    Coastal living

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    We took a trip to a beautiful sandy beach to produce our wonderful, sunshine-filled beach house decorating story, July issue, p54-61, based on coral motifs and driftwood with punchy azure accents. Even if the weather has been temperamental this summer we can at least let you imagine the sun kissing your skin, the ocean breeze, and sand between your toes with a bit of escapism through our pages, into a world of breezy relaxation and inspiring decorating ideas for coastal dining, verandah lazing, and afternoon siestas in a muslin draped four poster bed. Lovely

    Tablecloth in, Atlantic, ref `F3805/012, col natural, £95 a metre, Brockham collection, Colefax and Fowler.

    Tablecloth in, Atlantic, ref `F3805/012, col natural, £95 a metre, Brockham collection, Colefax and Fowler.

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    Vintage style accessories

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    The lovely new Pick ‘n’ Mix accessories from designer Megan Price are on my wish list this week. I love her nostalgic collection of screen prints, tea towels, tote bags and mugs with their fun designs, reminiscent of childhood trips to the seaside. They’re a simple way to add feel-good graphics to your home – ideal for kitchens or children’s bedrooms. You can see more of Megan and her full Mr.PS collection this weekend at the Craft Candy fair in Sheffield.

    Pick 'n' Mix and Favourite Flavours tea towels, £9 each from Mr.PS

    Pick 'n' Mix and Favourite Flavours tea towels, £9 each from Mr.PS

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