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    Discover the My Daddy Cooks blog

    by  • 27/01/2010 • Country food • 2 Comments

    I was delighted to read about the wonderful My Daddy Cooks blog in the London Evening Standard on my commute home last Thursday. It’s the brainchild of recently-made-redundant-and-now-stay-at-home dad Nick Coffer who has uploaded videos of himself cooking delicious classics like vegetable frittata, chicken and tarragon hotpot and plum clafoutis. The undoubted star, however, is Nick’s two-year-old son Archie. Due to the somewhat cramped filming conditions in the family kitchen often you can only see Archie’s arm or the top of his chef’s hat – even when he’s standing in his sturdy ‘Fun Pod’ safety chair – but it really doesn’t matter. In fact it all adds to the charm of the pair getting to grips with good food – especially seeing Archie tucking into everything from sea bass to beef chow mein (with chopsticks!)… 

    Check out Nick and Archie’s recipes at My Daddy Cooks

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