• Present festive bottles in pretty tea towels

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    Bottles are notoriously tricky to wrap. Rather than sticking them in a plain bottle bag, why not opt for this clever tea towel packaging tip? A two-for-one gift idea that’s just as easy to do and looks so stylish! Here’s how…

    Lay the tea towel face down and put the bottle centrally on top (choose heavier cotton or linen tea towels for a luxurious look; Jazz striped tea towel, £10:99 for 2, Linen Me, Jingle Bells tea towel, £10, Plum & Ashby). Draw the middle points of the side edges of the tea towel to the bottle and secure with sticky tape. Cut a length of string ready to use. Use both hands to draw the front and back of the tea towel up and around the bottle, carefully shaping any folds for neatness.

    Hold in place with one hand and wrap the piece of string around the bottle neck to keep the ends of the tea towel in place and tie off. Take your choice of decorative twine, ribbon or string and wrap around the bottle top, knotting off at the back. Finish with a label featuring printed wood decorations.

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