• Give gifts in hand-stitched parcels

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    Make the wrapping just as exciting as the present itself with a cute hand-stitched parcel. We show you how…

    Begin by wrapping your gift in bubble wrap or tissue paper to prevent sharp edges tearing the wrapping paper. Place your wrapping paper face down and put the gift on top. Draw the desired shape around, allowing enough extra space to fit around the gift and for the stitches. Cut out an and use as a template to cut another shape to match.

    Using a bodkin, thread with string or twine and begin to stitch the shapes together, around 2cm in from the edge, leaving a long thread end at the start. When halfway around, insert the gift then continue to stitch. When complete, tie off the ends in a knot or bow and add a hand-stamped label. For extra detail, insert a layer of decorative paper cut just larger than the template.

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