• Craft a pinecone kissing ball

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    Originating from days gone by when festive foliage was hung above a door to welcome guests, kissing balls are easy to make with a little patience. Here’s how…

    Begin with a large polystyrene ball. Push a piece of thick wire through the centre (a similar gauge to coat-hanger wire is suitable), then been and trim off the ends with some wire cutters to create a loop at either end. Thread one end with a loop of string. Take the pine cones and begin to attach to the ball with a glue gun, spreading the glue so the cones attach to each other as well as to the ball for stability. Cover any gaps with berries or foliage, such as holly, gluing in place as before. Finally, attach a ribbon bow to the top before hanging up.

    Hang in the porch for a rustic statement. To make it extra special, you could add miniature bells to bring the sound of Christmas into the garden as the ball sways in the wind.

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