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    Painting expert Annie Sloan introduces us to Shibori, the ancient Japanese art of dyeing fabric to make patterns, with this striking step-by-step lampshade project taken from her new book Annie Sloan Paints Everything (£14.99, CICO Books)…

    • You will need:
    • Small project pot of Chalk Paint® in Napoleonic Blue
    • A generous piece of vintage linen
    • Large glass bowl
    • Pitcher of water
    • Mixing stick
    • Iron and ironing board

    1 Put approximately one tablespoon of Napoleonic Blue into the glass bowl. Pour in the water and use the mixing stick to stir well, making sure the paint isn’t sitting at the bottom of the bowl.
    *Top tip: do a test patch on some spare fabric to check the colour and add more paint if you need to make it stronger.


    2 Concertina the fabric by folding one way, turning the fabric over, then folding the fabric back on itself. The bigger the fold, the bolder the pattern will be.

    3 Concertina-fold the fabric again, but this time into triangles. Fold and then turn the fabric over and fold on the other side. Repeat until you have a complete triangle and tuck in any loose edges.


    4 Before you dip the fabric, make sure the paint has not settled at the bottom of the bowl. If it has, then stir again to mix. Dip the first edge of the folded fabric in the dye and hold for a second until the dye seeps into the fabric. You need to keep the centre of the fabric white.
    *Note: the paint mix will continue to absorb a little after you take out the fabric.


    5 Repeat this step for the other two sides of the triangle. Make sure there is still some undyed fabric left in the centre otherwise there will be little or no pattern.

    6 Open up the fabric immediately to see the pattern and hang it up to dry. Once dry, iron the fabric on a warm setting to set the colour.


    For instructions on making up the lampshade, visit anniesloan.com/techniques

    Extracted from Annie Sloan Paints Everything by Annie Sloan, published by CICO Books. Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books.

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