• Pick a pretty place setting

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    Looking for an original place setting idea? Make the most of in-season apples and carve them into pretty miniature vases to display place-name cards for guests. We used typewriter-style alphabet stamps (£10 for 64, Hobbycraft) for a retro, rustic look.

    Start by using a metal fruit corer to create a small hole in the top of each apple – position the corer above the stem area and gently carve out the centre to create a circular hole. Take a small brush and wipe around the inside with a little lemon juice to avoid the flesh going brown. Push in a small piece of aluminium foil to line the hole (be sure to avoid making any holes in the foil), pressing it into the sides before trimming in line with the top of the apple. Fill with a little water, then arrange flowers and berries inside. Finally, add a stamped place-name card held on fine-gauge wire twisted into a circle using pliers.


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