• Make fragrant swags

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    Ready_CHI_AUG_CRAFT_LAVENDER _019One for country cooks, this hanging arrangement is a delightful way to enjoy, dry and store garden herbs. Hang it up in your kitchen and pick from it as and when you need. You can also add colour with edible flowers or scent with gathered spice bundles.

    We used thyme, sage, fresh and dried lavender, roses, rosemary and bay. Section each herb or flower grouping into small bundles of about 20cm long and tie with florist’s wire.

    Lay about 1m of rope flat on a table. Start with a sturdy-stalked herb or flower and lay the bunch at what will be the base of the swag, near one end of the rope. Tie onto the rope with florist’s twine. Gradually work along and up the rope, laying and tying herbs and flowers in alternate colour and variety.

    Cover any exposed stems with a bunch of herbs or flowers to keep the swag full. Finally, tie loose stems with twine and use the remaining rope to hang the arrangement.

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