• Make sweet-smelling potpourri

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    Ready_SUN CRAFTA seasonal reminder of what’s been grown in your garden, potpourri can be created to feature favourite scents, colourful flowers, or both!

    Cut flowers and herbs on a dry day; we used petals and small flower heads including lavender, rose, cornflower, marigold and chamomile. You can dry the plants in one of two ways; either space them out on a drying rack and store away from moisture or sunlight or place them in a microwave on a paper towel and ‘cook’ for just under a minute. Decant into a favourite bowl and scatter fresh lavender heads and rose petals on top to enjoy the scent straight away.

    Decant into little muslin bags to hang up in wardrobes or if giving as a gift, store in a sealed opaque jar to retain the colour and scent.

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