• Make a pocketed gardening pinny

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    Ready_CH&I_June_Gardencraft_19Upcycle a pair of old jeans into a mini gardening pinny with handy pockets to keep tools and seeds to hand. Durable and hard-wearing, denim is the perfect material to use, paired with a natural selvedge-edged ribbon for fastening.

    Cut the back from the jeans, snipping along the inside of the side seams, under the pockets and under the waistband. Turn and pin under the bottom edge of the fabric taking a 1cm seam. Turn to the wrong side and using a selvedge-edged ribbon, wrong side facing up, pin with the same pins along the edge of the bottom hem so the ribbon just shows on the right side of the pinny. Sew the hem and ribbon in place.

    Hem both side edges of the pinny, taking a 1cm double seam. Press a long strip of selvedge-edged ribbon in half along its length. Fold over the top of the pinny, encasing the fabric and ensuring it is centrally positioned. Pin in place and sew. Finally, turn in the ends of the ribbon and sew a 1cm seam.

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