• Plant up a kitchen herb garden

    by  • 28/02/2016 • Country craft • 0 Comments

    Ready_150902_CHI_MARCH_INDOOR_PLANTING_SHOT03_005Pot fragrant garden herbs in enamelware mugs, teapots and jugs with tea-bag style plant tags for a neat and rustic kitchen display that packs a style (and flavour!) punch.

    To make the tags, simply cut a square of patterned card and fold in half. Pierce through the middle of the fold and thread a length of string through, leaving a small amount behind. Write the herb name on a smaller piece of card then staple the whole thing together.

    Attach the end of the string to the inside of the planter with sticky tape and place the plant pot inside. The herbs can be potted up directly inside – just remember to add a layer of grit at the bottom to help with drainage.

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