• Make-you-smile potted primroses

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    Make you smile MondayWhen the day is grey, it’s good to brighten it up with pretty potted primroses. Easy to find at garden centres and inexpensive, primulas in their happy-go-lucky palette of pinks, oranges and yellows can transform a windowsill or mantelpiece.

    Of course, how you display them is all important. Simple and stylish is always the Country Days mantra. In this case, that means pure white ceramic ware in decorative or organic shapes that will let the primroses show off their colours.  We particularly love this family of Swan Planters from The Hambledon (above) by a window. Or line little bowls planted with the same colour primrose for a pleasing arrangement on a kitchen shelf (below).

    Remember to apply the design principle known as ‘the rule of three’. This dictates that everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete. Happy arranging!

    Make-you-smile primroses


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