• Create a house garden

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    Ready_150902_CHI_MARCH_INDOOR_PLANTING_SHOT02_041Achieve a modern country look in your home with a decorative display of succulent terrariums filled with plants, herbs and blooms that are happy to be indoors at this time of year.

    Add a layer of grit or pebbles to the base of your chosen glass vessel for drainage – we mixed glass domes, cylinders and dishes for a rustic chic feel. Sprinkle with a layer of activated charcoal (this will keep the soil fresh), then cover with specialist potting soil for growing succulents (find activated charcoal and potting soil in garden centres). Plant the largest succulent first, then work the other smaller ones around it. Finish with a decorative top layer of pebbles, shells or moss.

    We also added bleached cones – make these by soaking cones in a 1:2 parts bleach to water mix overnight.

    Water succulents sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out in between, especially if growing in a cloche or enclosed glass vessel.

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