• Burn a yule log

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    Burn a Yule LogHere at Country Days, we love the charming ritual and superstition associated with the ancient Christmas custom of burning a yule log on Christmas Eve. If you want to join in the tradition this Christmas Eve, here’s what you do…

    Choose a tree with friends and family. In days gone by,groups of villagers would all head out and do this together. The oldest and the youngest would make the decision – oak was popular as it represents healing, strength and wisdom.

    Fell and chop the tree. People used to burn entire trunksbit by bit until twelfth night, but as fireplaces became smaller over time, pieces were shared out instead – and so the Yule log was born!

    Set the fire on Christmas Eve with the Yule log taking pride of place. Sprinkle it with wine and salt to make it feel welcome, toss a holly leaf into the hearth and make a wish as the flame catches.

    Keep it alight for as long as possible; to let it go out before Twelfth Night used to be considered bad luck!

    Throw the ashes onto your vegetable patch – they are deemed to have magical properties that ensured an abundant growing season!


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