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    Windmill-bunting made with felt, twine and fabric from a selection at Hobbycraft

    Windmill-bunting made with felt, twine and fabric from a selection at Hobbycraft

    Get ready to celebrate St George’s Day on the 23rd April and make pretty red and white windmill bunting to use to decorate your home.

    You will need

    Red and white fabric

    Red felt

    White felt

    Red and white twine

    Red and white  cotton



    Pinking sheers

    Fabric pen

    To make draw one 6cm diameter circle on the striped fabric. Cut out with pinking sheers. Draw one 5cm diameter circle on the red felt and cut out with scissors. To make the windmill cut into the felt circle snipping it at quarters points but not completely cutting through the centre. Taking the needle and red cotton, insert through the middle of the felt circle from the back. Take the bottom right hand side of a cut quarter fold over into the centre, and thread the needle through the corner tip to secure in place. Repeat with the remaining quarters to create a windmill then pull the cotton tight and secure them all in place with a stitch. Cut cotton and tie off. Make a contrasting cross stitch on the windmill with the white cotton and needle then secure the back of the windmill onto the centre of the striped circle with a couple of stitches. Finally position on the bakers twine approximately 6cm in from the end and secure in place with a couple more stitches. Repeat process with the white felt and position windmill decoration about 6cm along twine from the first. Repeat along the length of twine until desired length is reached.

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