• Fit for a King

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    I ventured back in time this week to 6th February 1789 when ‘mad’ King George III was declared fit to dine with cutlery again at Kew Palace …Master Cook William Wybrow immediately set about preparing a celebratory feast in the Royal Kitchens featuring the King’s favourite dishes -soupe barley, mutton steaks smoured in a frying panne, and chocolate tart…

    The kitchens served Kew Palace and White House but they closed after Queen Charlotte’s death in 1818 and remained untouched for the next 200 years! Thanks to restoration by Historic Royal Palaces, the kitchens are now open to the public, offering a magnificent showcase of cookery in Georgian times.

    The Great Kitchen at Kew Palace (Credit-Forster_HRP)

    The Great Kitchen at Kew Palace

    Visitors can see how food was prepared and cooked with 18th century ovens and sturdy bakehouse tables. Upstairs there are fine examples of Georgian décor, including the office of the Kitchen Clerk who kept meticulous records of meals and budgets.

    The Clerk's Office Ledger

    The Kitchen Clerk's Ledger

    Today’s visitor’s can enjoy lively  cookery demonstrations at the palace on special occasions… or dare to test the King’s favourite recipes at home? We would love to hear if you do…

    The Great Kitchen, Kew Palace

    Chefs cook up a royal feast at Kew Palace

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