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    One of my favourite walks on a Sunday is along the cliffs and through the woods and glens of the Hastings Country Park. This Nature Reserve, just a few miles from our home, is a unique area of maritime cliffs with grassland, heath and ancient woodland.  On a fine day you can clearly see the French coastline (just 20 miles away). The views and variety of terrain are always enjoyable; the kids love running wild down the paths. For me, I especially love it at this time of year for the fiery yellow gorse (hence its name ‘The Firehills’), the English bluebells and the scent of wild garlic.

    The view from the cliffs


    Bluebell woods

    2 Responses to Sunday afternoon walk

    1. Sue
      17/05/2010 at 12:07 pm

      This made me smile……I love a Sunday afternoon walk, but this Sunday saw me, my Lovely Hubby and two dogs all sheltering in a pig ark!!

      We are in the middle of erecting new pig enclosures and yesterday, Sunday, the heavens opened and the only cover was the newly built pig arks….it was like being in a Wendy house and brought many happy memories of making dens when I was small.

      A walk this Sunday was out of the question….even the ducks were under the trees!

      Sue xx

    2. 18/05/2010 at 5:14 pm

      This is a whispered “wow”. You must feel so wonderful and alive, walking along those special paths.

      I just loved reading Sue’s comment, up above. How funny!

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