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    I have always been a big fan of elderflower cordial – Belvoir does a lovely and refreshing version that you can buy in the shops – but I have never got around to making my own. With the local hedgerows filled with the pretty, frothy elderflowers right now I decided there was no excuse this year. With the help of Garden Writer Elspeth Thompson and all the children we made two big batches of elderflower cordial last week.

    Elderflowers at the bottom of our garden

    Elderflowers at the bottom of our garden


    Here’s the recipe we used:

    1.3 litres of water

    1.8kg granulated sugar

    25 heads of elderflower

    2 lemons, sliced

    65g citric acid

    Add all of the sugar to a large pan with the water. Bring to the boil, take off the heat and add the elderflowers, slices of lemon and citric acid. Leave to infuse for 2 days, strain through a muslin into sterilised bottles.

    Elderflowers and lemon in the pan

    Elspeth's beautiful picture of the elderflowers and lemon in the pan

    And here we are bottling the cordial yesterday. I couldn’t find a muslin so we used a pair of tights to strain it – much to the amusement of my son, Will.


    Straining the cordial

    Will straining the cordial

    Served with sparkling or still chilled water it tastes delicious. Or why not try it with Prosecco as a lovely evening drink as suggested by Elspeth.


    4 Responses to Making elderflower cordial

    1. Sara Crux
      22/06/2009 at 2:08 pm

      Great idea! I’ve not made Elderflower cordial since I was little. My mother used to make batches of it for us children and elderflower champagne for the grown ups. For a really cooling idea in summer why not serve it frozen as icepops mixed with apple juice or lemonade.

      It also makes a really delicately flavoured jelly too. Just dilute with water to taste, add gelatine (made up to packet instructions) and put aside in the fridge to cool and set. Delicious with cream or creme fraiche.

    2. 22/06/2009 at 7:07 pm

      Genius idea using the pair of tights! I never thought of that….

      We must do rose petal syrup next – the perfect use for fragrant roses that are just about to lose all their petals – and even easier than elderflower cordial!

      x Elspeth

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